Hussain Siam (Forts. 2)

Question: How often did you try to escape?

Hussain: I was always trying to escape, I was always surveying the area thinking of ways I could get out but I only had one successful escape attempt.

Q: Why did Paul Schäfer let Hussain go later that year?

Jamil: Because he had already attempted to escape they were afraid, that if he were to escape again he may tell the world and get them bad press. They told him they would send him to Stockton, California with Gunter. Hussain accepted and went to California and studied. This was in the Fall of 1966.

Q: Did Paul Schäfer rape you?
Hussain: He tried but he was not successful I did not let him. Also I was 16 and he preferred younger boys.

(c) Hussain Siam / Ulla Fröhling


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